Pressure Cleaning

We provide economical pressure washing services to residential, commercial and industrial customers throughout South Florida (Broward and Dade County), and its surrounding region. We specialize in residential applications, however we also provide commercial service as well. Our family owned and operated company has been in business since 1972.

Pressure cleaning is all about maintaining the external appearance of your property. From driveways to sidewalks, graffiti removal and more, we deliver a range of products and services designed to clean your property. Our trained professionals are ready to discuss your pressure washing needs, and get to work on solutions!


We specialize in pressure washing and water recovery on all major surfaces around your residence. Your home is one of the biggest, most important investments you’ll make during your lifetime. Professional pressure washing will enable you to get the most out of your home, while adding to its aesthetic appeal.

Pressure Washing For Residential Applications:

Garage Floors
Pool Decks
Concrete Cleaning
All Other Cleaning Needs
Water Recovery Available
Wet Sandblasting


First impressions are critical for businesses. We are committed to helping you achieve a sparkling first impression. Whether it’s a one-time clean up or regular maintenance you need, we are ready to get the job done. Please read further to learn more about our commercial applications.

Pressure Washing For Commercial / Industrial Applications:

Shopping Centers
Store Fronts
Mini Marts
Dumpster Areas
Heavy Equipment
Fleet Washing
Paint Removal
Graffiti Removal
All Other Cleaning Needs
Water Recovery Available
Wet Sandblasting


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