Great Loss

It is with pride and sadness that I write this post. My Dad…my hero…the man who showed me what is was to work hard and be honest passed this past month. I grew up around painting , that is all I saw my dad do. Paint and fix anything with what ever materials he had on hand. I called him the original MacGyver. Growing up I would put his rubber pressure cleaning boots on that covered my entire leg and I would play fixing the house and painting. I even painted my sister when I was around four but that is a story for another time.(Mom had a hard time taking oil base paint off my sister with mineral spirits). My dad was sponsored by my Aunt to come to this country from Italy. He left everything for a better life. My mom was not able to come to the United States with him because he needed to show he could support her. After two years of working hard my mom joined him in Florida. He went on to work with some wonderful people who he learned the trade and then he eventually decided to go out on his own. He started manufacturing his own paint and all he did at the time was paint roofs. Back in the days Florida just had white tile roofs and gravel roofs. As time went on , shingle roofs and color tile roofs became more popular and he went on to paint houses, never giving up roof painting. My dad was on a roof up until he was 81 years old. Did I tell you he had an incredible work ethic? He always worked! Once he stopped climbing ladders to clean and paint roofs he still worked around doing odds and ends until he fell to dementia. It was a long tough battle and he fought to the bitter end. His strength is the legacy.

I want to continue making him proud of his company. I guarantee to provide top quality work with quality products. I am fortunate that we have incredible new products and paint has evolved in such a way that these products have revolutionized colors. Houses , roofs, interiors,driveways, patios and all can be a work of art. Color can change the world and bring happiness and beauty just with a stroke of a brush. If you are in the market for some change …paint!