New Year …New Changes

Welcome to another one of my posts. I’m not going to start 2018 with any excuses for not updating my blog so lets get started! New colors, new textures and new products are what is trending right now.I have been in the painting business for 47 years and I am continuously in awe of how far the industry has grown. When my dad started our business we manufactured our own paint. We did primarily roof painting only and he would make his magic in our little warehouse in this large vat and it was quality paint then. All things change and especially in our industry and the paint products that could be bought at a store became better quality and eventually we could not compete with the prices.So we decided to go the route of being cost effective knowing the product was good and stopped making our own paints. I will never forget those memories on how my father would create his paint. Change is good and necessary so we changed with the times and began painting interior and exterior houses. No longer did we just paint gravels and tile roofs. Eventually,roofing companies came out with color tiles, shingles and the need for white roofs dwindled.To add to all the changes, stores rented high power pressure cleaners so we once again changed as the needs changed. The “do it yourself” trend exploded. Thank goodness for those people who don’t have the time or interest in pressure cleaning and painting. They keep us in business.
I wanted to start the year with a little reflection and explain how ingrained the painting business is in me. It was and will be my life passion. So when I see exciting new colors and terrific products I just want to help people make improvements to their homes. I take great pride in my work , not saying I don’t make mistakes now and then, but I truly like to help people achieve the changes they want in and around their homes. This is a great new year to start with great new changes and a coat of paint can be a simple solution!