June 2017

I wasn’t joking when I said I was not good at posting. I am proud to say I am a much better painter than a blogger! My excuse…. too busy painting which is a good thing.
Summer is a perfect time to spruce up the house and re paint , pressure clean or add new color to your home. Looks like earth tones are always a safe and go to color. However, the new trend request for both inside and outside of a home is … Grey ( British English) or Gray ( American English).I Looked up that fact on google.com and then became fascinated by the definition of this color. It was stated as an intermediate color between black and white and it stated it was a color “without color.” ( obvious known fact) Now I felt compelled to find more enlightening facts about this color so I looked up the psychology of the color gray. Of course it starts off with basic facts that it is a color of compromise or indecision but then I read on. There are positive traits of the word gray such as: reliable,dignified,elegant,calming,professional and classic just to name a few. So with those positive words, I will end this with my thoughts on how much I look forward to the summer months ,hot sun ,frequent rain showers and painting!