October 2016

Fall 2016

Well this update is well overdue. Fall is already here and unfortunately the temperatures are still running high. No break …yet! With the change of the seasons we look for less humidity. These past few months have  been exceptionally rainy. With rain comes moldy surfaces. Pressure clean those sidewalks,walkways,driveways and wash down the walls of your house. Don’t forget the roof! A simple pressure cleaning can really make a difference on your curb appeal. The holidays are right around the corner so if you are looking to paint your house the sooner the better. Choose colors that will work with your landscape and your area. I always like to provide samples so you can see what the color will look like on the walls. It is hard to judge looking at a color book or looking at a can of paint. When paint dries it is not always the color or finish you are looking for. Make sure whoever paints your house , takes the time to work with you to pick the perfect color!

Warm wishes for a beautiful Fall

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